letter UN-commitee

letter UN-commitee

Parallel report to the fourth State-report of the Federal Republic of Germany concerning the conversion of the International Pact concerning economic, social and cultural rights:

Violation of human rights in German old people`s nursing homes – people in need of nursing starve to death and suffer from dehydration


Dear Sirs and Ladies,

In August the German government has to report in front of your comittee about the social human rights in Germany. In their report the German government mentions only good results concernig the nurse of old people. In reality living in most of german old people`s nursing homes is inhumane and undignified. This statement is the result of a detailed research of our „Forum for the improvement of the situation of old people in need of nursing in Germany“, which we send now to you as parallel report.

In German old people`s nursing homes we have daily violations of the human right concerning food, health and participation in civilised life. Up to 85 % of inhabitants of German old people`s nursing homes suffer from malnutrition, ca. 36 % suffer from dehydration.

This deplorable state of affairs has been common knowledge for more than 20 years. An improvement of the situation is not expected in the next years – on the contrary – the situation is rapidly getting worse. The reasons are the continuing defile of financiation and the care-insurance. Neither the German government nor the charity organisations have an interest in improving the situation.

However, the dispair of the residents, their relatives and the personnel increases more and more.

For this reason the above named persons and institutions have consolidatet to a „Forum“. Aim is – for  the first time – to get international attention concerning this violations of human rights on old people in German nursing homes. We want to reach, that the German government under the pressure of the public of the world will be obliged to improve the situation for old people in our nursing homes to live and die in dignity again.

We would be very delighted to be invited from you in August to inform you personally about our report. For furher questions and informations we would be on your disposal then.

We thank you very much about your interest and your support!

Yours sincerely


Christiane Lüst






1)     Parallel report „Violation of human rights in old people`s nursing homes“ – english version

2)     Parallel report „Violation of human rights in old people`s nursing homes“       –     german version

3)     The actual statement of the medical service of the health insurance concerning the situation of old people in need of nursing in German old people`s nursing homes  from 4. April 2001 – it shows, that the situation from 1999 (parallel report S. 3) to now will have been disimproved further!

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